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"ZenMat has changed my life. I now have a healthy lower back, sleep deep and finally feel free of my chronic migraines!"

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Relax your mind and body in 15 minutes with ZenMat.

ZenMat provides deep, stimulating acupressure massage right in the comfort of your own home promoting a long list of health benefits, from relieving lower back pain and alleviating chronic migraines, to promoting deeper sleep and improving skin tone.

Join 57k+ happy customers worldwide and make ZenMat a part of your daily health routine today.

⚡️ 97%

Report first session benefits

From less back pain to improved sleep, 97% of customers report first session benefits.

🧬 95%

Report long term benefits

Clinical studies have proven daily ZenMat use to promote long term health benefits.

💚 99%

Would recommend ZenMat

Don't take our word for it, 99% of customers would recommend ZenMat to a friend.

4 reasons to choose ZenMat

Happy Back

93% report significant or total relief from back pain.

Massage can be very effective alleviating back pain. ZenMat is made up of unique massage elements shaped like lotus flowers, which ease muscle-tension and pain.

Clear Head

80% report disappearance or significant alleviation of headaches.

Not only does ZenMat stimulate the release of endorphins, which act as natural painkillers, but it warms up the problem area and eliminates muscle spasms and tension.

Deep Sleep

100% report deeper sleep and increased energy levels.

Temporary stressors, such as being excited or stressed about planning a trip, and physical pain are the two main causes of insomnia. ZenMat directly helps with both.

Strong Mind

95% report less stress and improved mood.

Using ZenMat simulates a pain signal. Your brain interprets this “pain” and releases a potent dose of endorphins. Repeating this regularly improves your ability to deal with stress and anxiety.

Trusted by 57k+ customers

Maria S.

ZenMat changed my life.

After suffering with stubborn back pain for over 10 years, I finally found the solution... lying on a mat for 15 minutes per day! 😆

Simon P.

Great for fast recovery 💪

I work a physical job so constantly felt sore and tired. I decided to give ZenMat a go and DON'T regret it. I have more energy and recover in half the time!

Emily S.

Finally, NO MORE headaches!!

I use ZenMat for two things: To help me sleep and to ease my chronic migraines. ZenMat has helped me massively with both and now I don't go a day without it!

Andy B.

Total satisfaction, 10/10

Total satisfaction with the product. Relief from lower back pain and pain in the cervical spine. Noticeable difference after only 3 weeks of use.

Aisha B.

Waiting for more colours!

In love with my ZenMat set, it's part of my evening routine now! 4 stars as you need more colours available, please keep me updated 💚

Rich L.

Why have I just found this!? 😭

I really didn't think ZenMat would make so much difference, but after just a few uses, it has. More relaxed muscles, less headaches and I feel way calmer!


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